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Our Story

It all started one night as we were chatting over dinner with friends. The burning question was, “Now that I’m going vegan, am I getting all the nutrients that I really need?” After some research and chatting with some family friends who were professional nutritionists and physicians, the answer was a resounding “no”. Naturally, we started looking around for vitamins at our local health foods store and couldn’t find anything specifically for vegans.

We need more vitamin B, D, E and minerals than our omnivore friends because we’re foregoing things like meat, fish, eggs, and dairy. From there, the idea for Veganly was born. We wanted to make products that helped vegans and vegetarians fulfil their daily nutrient requirements and give them the peace of mind that they can carry on doing all the things they love without worry. Started with this mission, we made the Vegan Multivitamin which catered to the nutrition needs of vegans and vegetarians who may have nutrition deficiency especially in B12, vitamin D, calcium, zinc and iron. As time goes by we speciallize in an all- rounded supplementation including antioxidants, beauty and plant-based minerals. These great certified vegan products are not just good for vegans and vegetarians, instead these are great choices for everyone else.
We make the best vegan supplements!
We specilaize in certified vegan supplements!

Our Values
Three simple words form the core of our mission.
Eat, live, and give Veganly.

What does this actually mean, practically speaking?

We believe that food not only brings enjoyment and nourishment, but also has the power to heal and prevent illness. Therefore, what we eat should come from clean, all-natural sources that are grown responsibly without pesticides and hormones. Organic and non-GMO is the way to go and this trend is here to stay. We think that a plant-based vegetarian or vegan diet brings us closer to this ideal.

Living Veganly means that we strive to lead a way of life that is a little gentler and kinder to the environment and Earth that we all share. We know that raising live animals for consumption requires a vast amount of natural resources and energy while generating copious amounts of waste. Adopting a plant-based diet relieves a lot of pressure on the giant food production machine and reduces our impact on the environment.

How does one give Veganly? This is our way of expressing the need to positively impact the community in which we live.

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