VEGANLY Vitamins is a Canadian brand that specialized in premium formulations of certified vegan vitamins & supplements.

Several scientific studies have demonstrated health-benefits of plant-based diets on cardiovascular disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cancer. When it comes to vitamins and supplements, everyone should enjoy those sourced from animal-free ingredients which is better to the health and the environment.

All our products are sourced naturally from non-animal ingredients, certified vegan, non GMO, gluten-free, halal, sugar free, lactose free, no preservatives and no artificial colours and flavours.

All the formulations went through professional R&D process and are manufactured in a GMP and FDA facilities. We make sure all our products meet the highest quality standard and proudly approved by Health Canada.

Our brand is not just loved by vegans and vegetarians,  we are also well received by everyone who go with a clean and green lifestyle, and love to choose non-animal sourced supplements to fill their nutrient gaps. We have been receiving great 5-star reviews from consumers and our certified vegan vitamins and supplements have been continuous being the amazon choice in Canada market.

The VEGANLY story started in 2017 with a unique multivitamin formulation that support the nutrition needs of vegans and vegetarians. In the market, there is no other multivitamin that provides the high potency of essentials they are craving for.  They love the value and simplicity.

But vegan vitamins and supplements should not just cater to vegans and vegetarians. Everyone should enjoy the health benefits vegan vitamins and supplements bring to support different types of diets. We continue to design new vegan formulations that helps to support overall wellness. Now we have successfully formulated a full line of certified vegan vitamins and supplements that provide better and healthier choices for everyone in the area of beauty health in hair nail and skin, anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, digestion and liver healthbones and teeth health and more is coming.

All our formulations are certified by Vegan Action.

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