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Iris Shilson from L.A.
I have been looking for this kind of multivitamin that works with my vegan diet. There are a few vegan vitamins in the market but they are just regular multivitamin that are certified vegan. There is no vegan multi that really contain as much vitamins as we need because of our vegan diet. We are lack of B12, calcium, zinc and iron, for example. Veganly is exactly what I am looking for. It has a boost of vitamins we need. I have recommended to all my friends on Facebook and some of them did try too. We will for sure continue to take this supplement daily.

Diana S. from NYC
Instead of taking 5 different tablets of vitamins to supplement my nutrient needs, I finally found this single tablet that provide enough nutrients for me. Veganly has 1000 mcg B12 which helps boost my energy level, reduce the possibility of depression and relief my stress. I feel my life easier this way.

Brenda T. from Chicago
I am 100% vegan and I am picky on choosing food and vitamins. Finally I was lucky enough to find Veganly, the first multivitamin that truly works together with my vegan diet. I can now be reassured that I have the nutrients I need while maintaining my lifestyle and it is not expensive at all. I feel great! Highly recommended.

Dwayne P. from Vancouver, BC
With Veganly’s Multi, I can now go about my day and eat all the healthy, delicious foods that I enjoy. And I know that I am never going to be short of the nutrients I need to keep doing all the things I love.

Emily N. from Seattle, WA
I am a vegetarian and I am going to be a vegan soon. I found Veganly quite suitable for me during the transition as I can make sure I have enough nutrients. For this price, it really worths as I don’t have to buy a bottle of B12 and calcium separately on top of any vegan multi. These tablets already contain enough calcium, zinc, iron, D and B12 I need. Love it!

Rick L. from Minneapolis
My son has always been active in sports and has always had trouble looking for vitamins that were vegan. Now, we can just order a subscription for him and he gets his essential nutrients in the mail every month! Very satisfied.

Stefanie A. from Florida
Surprisingly, the vitamins from Veganly Vitamins has been a miracle treatment for me in normalizing my lifestyle! I have tried many things, but this really works without having to break my morals! Thank you Veganly!